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Payoneer closed account and took my money

On August 13th, both I and my husband received an email that our accounts has both been blocked with vague reasons only payooner themseleves understand. It was and is devastating news to us because I just gained admission and scholarship into a university here in France. The money we have been saving in my husband's payoneer account was for the purpose of my schooling, moving and settling in the city of my school.

We called payoneer tirelessly even contacting them on Twitter, asking for accèss to our money in his account so I can go on my registration and other administrative process which I have now put on hold because the eis jo money to continue. They told us they will send us the email to give us time to go and withdraw our money.

40 days today, and Payoneer sent husband email that they have taken his money and there is nothing to be done about it!!

Money we worked hard through sleepless night to save with Payoneer.

I am bringing this out there because I went through over 70 supervisor emailing with negative responses plus interviews and application failures just this year 2020 alone, before I finally got this admission and scholarship which because of payoneer rash and unintelligible reason for account closure and money thiefry I am about to lose.

I dont know why payoneer is doing this to me. To us.

I worked hard. He worked hard. I transféred my money to his account as he is more frugal. And payoneer not only close the both accounts but also some hours ago wrote him that he cannot have access to his money. Our money!

@payoneer why? What did we do wrong asides work hard and save up.

What would you do if i lose my admission? What will you do if I lose my scholarship?