Payoneer sent money on wrong address

Hey, I added the wrong bank account in Payoneer. It has to be Union Bank of India but I chose the United Bank of India. I tried to contact the Payoneer before my withdrawal is processed but there is no support from their team. No one picked my call on the Payoneer helpline, & I am getting an automated reply on email. In the end, the payment is processed now I don't know what to do. If any staff from Payoneer reading this then please answer;

1) How can I get my processed money back which has been sent to the wrong bank.
2) How to change United to Union because your team didn't approve my new bank details saying I've already added this bank in my account. But I can't even delete this wrong bank details from my account because it's primary & approved.


  • Aman1709
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    Hey Bro Same Problem here
    My payment is yet to come in the same account ?
    What to do now?

    Did you got your payment?
  • LynnPayoneer
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    Hi @heyankitjha and @Aman1709

    When a payment is sent to an incorrect bank account, the funds will automatically return back to your Payoneer account in up to 14 business days. You can contact the bank where the funds were sent to see if they can reject the funds back sooner.

    In general, you can add the correct bank details under "Settings" - "Bank Accounts". For any further assistance with adding a new bank account, please contact through the Support Center for help.

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