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Can you please stop messing with me and let me use my card?

Nj19x Member Posts: 1
I don't know where to begin. Pardon my french, but this is the most painful service I've ever had to use in my life. My card arrives, I activate it. Everything is going smoothly. All of a sudden you're asking reverefication for an account I've verified 2 times already. What do you want me to do? Submit a blood sample and send it to your HQ? Do you want a DNA test?

Now I receive a mail telling me that I have to reverify my account, if it isn't verified by the 15th of October I won't be able to use it. Fortunately for me Payoneer customer support replies in minimum 2 weeks after a request. Hooray!

I try to reverify my account by uploading a government issued photo-ID, but my name and address are on two different sides of the ID, and I can only upload one photo. Then I read that the ID needs to be issued in the last 12 months? Are you kidding me? I mean are you really serious with these requests?

Let me know if I can use my account with the ID that I have (issued 2 years ago) or I should just carry on to another service.