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Payment Requests Getting Cancelled

mlolm Member Posts: 3
Hi Guys,

I have asked my client to pay me 3 times now, i dont know how much longer I can keep him as a client if this keeps failing. How do I even submit a support ticket? I can not find where to submit a ticket anywhere. So far very unhappy with payoneer.

My client is based in the US. I am based in Germany. When I create the payment request I try to attach my invoice, but i get an error. I tried in chrome and firefox, but always get an error so I cant submit my invoice with the payment request. Then I get (sometimes) an email saying: we need more information on this transaction. They want emails with my client? WHat the fuck is this? I have never had any other payment service ask for this, do they also want my client too?

I submitted a chatlog with my client and my invoice, and still payoneer cancelled my payment request. Then I resubmitted again, but third time I never got any email asking for more info but just saw the payment cancelled one day later.

How the fuck do i use payoneer this is bullshit. This is a real client here and now they are fucking with my business. Anyone else have problems with legitimate payments being blocked by payoneer?!


  • mlolm
    mlolm Member Posts: 3
    Just an update, they asked for more documents to verify my business again. They rejected my passport, emails from my client and my invoices. Why? Everything is all me, and legal, and accepted even by the German government which is very strict.