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Can't connect my payoneer to my Upwork account

mskb Member Posts: 1
:| Hello I have tried a lot to get a support directly from upwork but nothing works. Why my chat getting canceled every time I asked for? I have mailed them, nothing worked!
I have never used my payoneer card before. Recently I wanted to link my card with my payoneer account but it is showing "Unable to associate this funding source with your existing account." I donno why?????

Whenever I log in to my payoneer account its forcing me order a new card saying "actions required". I just ordered a new card.

I cant get any payment with my payoneer account. I still in the dark. Googled a lot, no luck.

FYI, I had ordered my card through fiverr, Fiverr Revenue Card. Is this the cause they dont allow me to connect with upwork?

In the prompt window, they are telling me to try with another email, but as of the rules, One can open Only One account! o:)

Anyway! Please help me to get my payment from upwork! Or delete this robotic useless account!

**My Customer ID 23997502 .


  • grosso777
    grosso777 Member Posts: 6
    I received a message to my email saying that my bank card will be blocked
    Ask not to do this
    I am trying to recharge my Payoneer account and start using the card

    This is what appears to me when I want to link my Payoneer account to
    upwork website