My card is disbled

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Hello, hope i will get support here.


I will explain how all that happened.


1°)  Applying for Payonner card and request approved. (i'm from Bénin, west African country)


            a°) Card shipped , but more than 5 weeks later, still not delivered here. So Payonner send email asking why i didn't activate my card yet and i explained i still had not got it. So they issued a new card, blocking the first sent. Few days later, the first card finally arrived, which i told them. So they un-blocked it and blocked the second card issued. Till there no problem

            b°)  I have activated the card by loading it from my ELANCE account with $20.


2°) Private load didn't work  and i sent support tickets.


            a°)  they replied that i couldn't use this service because my card  didn't receive any payment from Payonner Partner or US Payments Service.

            b°)  I replied , sending screenshots of withdrawal from ELANCE and loading statment on my Payonner account

            c°)  I got response that issue is now resolved  (but nothing resolved as my private load page still showed  "Private load not allowed for this account"


3°)     My card blocked, account cancelled


           a°)  To show i' am acively using my card with Payonner Partner, i requested a second withdraw from ELANCE, few days later, it has been loaded on my card  ($59)

           b°)  I requested a third withdraw from ELANCE ($20);  , then i was invited by Payonner to "accept and load" the funds on my card; what i did

           c°)  Estimated load date has passed and my card still no credited.  i clicked on the link (to load the received funds),  and there..... surprise !  ACCOUNT CANCELLED!  i went back to my payonner account and second surprise !  CARD BLOCKED,  i tried the private load service page and SUPRISE again !  UNKNOWN EMAIL ADRESS (or UNKNOWN CARD).


I have explained all my activity because i don't know where i did something wrong. Everything seemed to work fine, i even checked my balance at an ATM here and statement was correct. So, what's should be the matter with my account (or card)?  i sent tickets  LTK121530886671X  and  LTK1215301123885X


Thanks for your help. I need to withdraw because it's a payment from a contractor to perform him a job here in Bénin. This funds are fees needed for the job ( not even my salary yet). So , please help again. Thanks



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    You did not do anything wrong - your account is still active. Our security department constantly monitors your account information and has temporarily disabled your card while they follow up on a safety alert from our system. This is to ensure your financial security, and we do apologize for the inconvenience.


    You will be updated as to the status within 24-48 hours.

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    I would like to know if this is a random control : my account has been picked up randmly or all accounts are under review? i would like to know , so i can avoid this situation for next times.

    And so will the private load service availaible?

    thanks for the quick reply

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    It is not anything specific to you, but is a standard security procedure meant to protect your funds. 


    In regards to private loading, this was removed as you were promoting your private load link on your external website. Once you reply to our payment department and confirm that you have removed all links, they will enable the service for you.

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    How often this standard  protection procedure occurs ? monthly ?


    i didn't receive any mail regarding promoting my link.. on which website did you find it ?

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    You need to follow up regarding that issue with our payment department - [email protected]


    The security procedure is very rare, and only done due to certain factors that are designed to protect your funds.

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    So, which means i will not be able to withdraw soon. A client from ELANCE is waiting for me to perform a job. And he sent me $59 for the fees (i will get my reward once the job done). Now he is thinking i ran away with his money and he is about to file a dispute. What can i do? lose the job on ELANCE and also the money?

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    This should be resolved within 24 hours.

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    Ok, thanks for the support. I will try withdraw tomorrow.


    But i had still not received any mail talking about promoting my link on websites. Which websites? so i can start investigating and know what to do to get it removed.

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    I will resend the e-mail with further details.

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    Ok, Be sure to send it to my email linked to payonner account ([email protected]), i 've still got nothing


    Thanks for your support and explanations, my card has been loaded

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