Android app is not logging in after changing the phone device

ypeskovypeskov Member Posts: 2
Hi, did someone met the issue with the mobile app on Android: I have changed my device and reinstall the application. ANd after reinstall, I cannot log in.
At the same time, I can log in successfully in a web. I can login successfully in web from phone.

I have done hte next things:
- reinstalled app
- change s the password several times.

no luck.

Any ideas?


  • MarijaLMarijaL Member Posts: 3
    Same here.. I don t know why..
  • ypeskovypeskov Member Posts: 2
    > @MarijaL said:
    > Same here.. I don t know why..

    and what phone do you use?
  • Daniel_AllegriDaniel_Allegri Member Posts: 1
    Same here! I changed my device yesterday (Iphone 7 to a Redmi Note 8). Reinstalled the app and changed my password. No luck here eather.
  • kterektere Member Posts: 1
    Same here. But i didn't change the device, just accidently deleted the app and then reinstalled again...
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