Payonner is closing soon ! What do you think ?

ferasmganiferasmgani Member Posts: 5
random accounts closed, 0% support available, money being stolen for no reason, bank transactions not working and on hold, no one can renew his card, payment errors everywhere, verifications take ages for approval.
What is happening to this company and why no one talks about it !!!


  • sgumilangsgumilang Member Posts: 7
  • ferasmganiferasmgani Member Posts: 5
    no source man, these are some of the problems that faced freelancers and users
  • dyaustechnoservicesdyaustechnoservices Member Posts: 5
    Recently to get payment from payoneer has become a nightmare. I think we need to check for some alternative to get our payments without any hassle.
  • dabsdabs Member Posts: 13 ✭✭

    It’s crazy and annoying I mean I’ve had my account for over a year and now just as I received a new payment my account is asking for extra verification I’ve done that but still nothing yet from payoneer I mean they’ve been trying a lot for me and I believe they are still going to get back so I think we should try to wait for some few days you know it’s a very big company

  • ferasmganiferasmgani Member Posts: 5
    this company won't last long, I will keep using Paypal
  • wolf_234wolf_234 Member Posts: 2
    Yeah, I also think they want to steal our money. It wouldn't be the first time the bank scams people and get away with it. Cash is the best option, banks are just not reliable - they can just take your hard earned money without explanation. I have account for 3 years and I still need to verify my address for some reason. I submitted the document and there's no update for more than a week, only auto emails. If I only could withdraw my money, but no, I have to wait they approve the address. And if they don't approve it (which is not at all impossible judging by other's posts) I don't have time to complain - October 15th is in 15,16 days, they will just take my money. MY MONEY!! Since Wirecard affair, every day is the new uncertainty and new headache with Payoneer. Very unreliable and unprofessional.
  • ferasmganiferasmgani Member Posts: 5
    so sad man, this world needs a new payment system
  • razaulkarimrazaulkarim Member Posts: 5
    Failed to getting support.

    - Send Message. 10 Days have passed No Reply.
    - Try to Chat with them, Chat Status Canceled Every time.
    - Called them, Call options not available for this account.

    Now, this is really frustrating. What's wrong with them?
  • famitsun2famitsun2 Member Posts: 2
    my withdrawal still in pending its already 20 days now!
  • Ron_OchiengRon_Ochieng Member Posts: 2
    Payoneer is failing. Guys don't use it. I have tried to contact customer support for a week now no response. Please save yourself and move out of this service
  • ffffffff Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
    they steal money and then send people to kill you so you wont tell to anyone what happened
  • GloryTGloryT Member Posts: 5
    edited October 1
    My Payment is pending since 21st of september 2020 till today 1st of October 2020. Payment transaction ID:221308627. Customer ID:33447861
    .Verification documents sent since 21st september till today no response. Their customer care is unreliable. Everything is auto. If only PayPal would extend their service to my country I would not be dealing with this kind of headache. It is just too frustrating. I will tell my employees not to pay my second salary through this payoneer since I haven't even seen the ist one which is still pending. I didn't know it would be like this. I had heard good things about them but since this pending came up I began to do research and see sense in this post. I pray it is wrong but one has to find an alternative if this is the way they work. Imagine the pain. The company I write for pays my salary on the 10th of the following month. So my Aug 2020 pay was paid to me sept 10th then it reflects on payoneer 10 days later.then payoneer ask for verification and take forever. Today is 1st of sept Which means in 9 days my employers will pay again and the waiting will begin. Meaning my money will just be accumulating and pending in payoneer? God forbid. I am telling them to not pay me here if I don't get my money soonest. They paid Aug sal,I haven't received. So why will I want my sept sal to be paid and I wait again? Jesus!
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