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Hi Payoneer Team,

Thanks Payoneer, for doing Amazing service all over the world. I am a freelancer, I have some permanent clients and provide service through the marketplace like Fiverr & Upwork. I opened my first Payoneer account 04/06/2015 and the account was approved the same day. Unfortunately, I get an email from the Payoneer customer approval department (4/14/2015) that "Your account has been closed for undisclosed reasons, Unfortunately, we will not able to provide you with our services at this point From George, Payoneer Customer Approval Department". I don't remember what I do on my account. actually, I forget it. cause, It happens a long time ago. Probably, Payoneer asked to submit id card at that time I don't have an id card that's why I submit a temporary ID card (Maybe it will be cause for close my account), probably I remember.

After that, I try a couple of times (try through marketplace referral or direct from the Payoneer website) to open my Payoneer account but all the time I rejected from Payoneer.

Before, I mention I am a freelancer. That's why I try to open a couple of times.

There is any way to reconsider my account, It will really help me. And I can withdraw my marketplace earning through Payoneer.

Right now, I have a Passport, NID, Bank Statement. I will provide any kinds of documents for verification.

Urgent help will be very much helpful for me.

Thanks & Love,
Account Reference Number: 10974079