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Special Tip for Pakistanis! My personal experieince!

ghufran_1346 Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
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Assalam o Alaikum to all!!!


I've been struggling here and there too much since last 6 months, my main target was to get a Paypal account verified asap. In the meanwhile, I've Googled many websites and youtube videos and many people from Pakistan were offering several alternative solutions.


But fortunately, I was not willing to use anyone of them. Then an idea broke into my mind that why I'm not using my debt card of Emirates National Bank of Dubai? As I'm currently living in UAE.


Then I entered the details of that card to my paypal account and got a bank statement from my bank via help line call and they Emailed me the statement. I used it to get verified within 2 minutes.


What I wanted to share with many people that don't ever trust on these alternative providers otherwise you'll get loss! You'll simply loose your money.


The only solutions to get a paypal verified account in Pakistan are:


1: If your relatives (brother or sisters etc) live in a Paypal supported country then request them (best method)


2: Otherwise first get a payoneer account then use it for Paypal


Method to get verfied in United Arab Emirates


I'll tell you the method in UAE as its my practical experience so I can share it very well.


Step 1 Go to paypal website and make a free account with a debt card of any bank working in UAE.


Step 2 After creating an account successfully, enter your debt card details


Step 3 They'll deduct $ 1.95 from your account which is nearly AED 7 point something


Step 4 Keep your debt card handy and call to your bank helpline and ask them to get a bank statement for this day


Step 5 They'll Email it to you within maximum 5 minutes. Check the deducted amount and there will be a code in description box, copy and paste that code to paypal account and you'll be verified within a minute.


Now you'll have $ 1.95 back into your paypal account.


Except these 2 solutions, I don't think any other can be a real one. I can't get payoneer card yet as I'm living in UAE and the addresses on my ID's are Pakistani ones. I tried few mails from many companies to reach here at my UAE address but I don't know why I don't get every time.


So the main purpose of this post was to save all of my Pakistani friends from being scammed.


I'll be expecting your replies and experiences to share with me and with all community. If anyone needs to know more about these then feel free to PM me or reply to this post, I feel pleasure to share what I know.


Best of luck


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