Payoneer Isn't responding!

RahmanWaliRahmanWali Member Posts: 1

I have sent Verification Documents to Payoneer Customer Care on 09/19/2020 and haven't received a response yet. Could anyone tell me please what should I do to receive the response?


Rahman Wali


  • UnhappyPayoneerUserUnhappyPayoneerUser Member Posts: 2
    Can somebody assist with the direct contact of Payoneer where i can find help. I am tired of more than 3 weeks verification period. Bad for business and my reputation.
  • LihviahahaLihviahaha Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
    if you have twitter or facebook, you can contact them, have your customer number on hand for them to identify you . Only then did I get them to answer me.
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