Card Declined While Trying to Pay For Movie Ticket

Hello all. 


I was wondering if anyone else has had these similar issues. I reside in America and have had a few issues with my Payoneer card. First, I wasn't allowed to purchase a movie for instant streaming from and was told that because the card is issued from a non-US bank that it was restricted. I can purchase everything else from their site though. Amazon has a contract with the movie companies that restrict people with non-US credit cards or debit cards to purchase movies. 


Then I tried to purchase a movie ticket at the box office movie theater (not online at Fandango) here yesterday: and was told my card came up declined. I had to go to an ATM and get money off of my card to purchase the ticket. 


Is there any effort in the future to fix this for Payoneer card holders or is there is list of places we can't use our cards at to review? I was pretty embarrassed after standing in a long line to be told my card was declined. 






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    I'm sorry to hear that the merchant did not accept your card. Unfortunately if they are not accepting non-US bank issues cards there would be no way around that.


    Regarding the movie theater, the card should be accepted at any location that accepts prepaid debit MasterCard cards. Is it possible that the theater had some issue in their system, or for some reason does not accept prepaid cards (that is quite rare).


    Can you let me know approximately when you tried to make the purchase (and for how much)?

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