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'You have information to submit in VerificationCenter'

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edited September 2020 in Ask The Community
Hi Payoneer team. I made a transaction under 'Withdraw to Recipient Bank Accounts' and it is now pending because I have not provided a correct invoice according to Payoneer emails. The reason for it is because at that time while I'm doing the process I still don't have my personal bank account and instead, I choose to send it to my partner's Bank account from my Payoneer funds and that's what Payoneer recommends. Now that it is still pending and I don't want to continue the Invoice Verification anymore in Verification Center, can Payoneer help me cancel the process, because it is still Pending from Sept.9 until now, or the process will cancel itself, for how many days? I don't really know the process of how to cancel it myself, and I don't really know how the process will cancel itself because Payoneer does not have the option of canceling it. I hope Payoneer can help me with this and address the problem immediately.

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