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account blocked

So my account was blocked i dont know why first they asked for address verification i gave them and talked on live chat for anything they needed and they said that they dont need anything and then i got my account blocked and i had funds in it i dont know what will happen to them can anyone help me? and how silly is payoneer they should have atleast told me any reason.


  • kuzivandamia
    kuzivandamia Member Posts: 2
    I am requesting you for the last 23 days from your team. My money was said, which you put in my account, I did not come to that money ..The team told me that in 48 hours the money will come to your account. After subtracting 48hr, I again contacted your team Then I was told that the team would talk to the bank department and mail it to you.This way I have 22 days to call. Finally, in your team, I thought that I would close the account, in which I stop calling ... and I did not ask for money again and again, which you have taken. And Payoneer company closed my account without telling me ..I went to my bank and found out .. nothing was achieved. I did not pay for 23 days.Lie every day. Is this right.![]( "")
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  • kenneth3900
    kenneth3900 Member Posts: 5
    They did the same thing to me, payorneer is a theft company, they steal fro. You and shut down your account