Card is EXPIRED and Can't Order New Card

Hi. I register on Payoneer in 2016 March and got a USD card. Due to some reasons i couldn't use it. The card expired in March 2019. I started Freelancing in March 2020 and i am using the same payoneer account but not with my Bank Account as it says Card is expired. Now, the method i was using for now is only for 200-300$ payment. Now i want or activate/Order New card so i can transfer money to my bank but there is no option for it. Please Guide. Should i delete this payoneer account and create a new one?


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    @Muhammad_Musa Hello,

    If you wish to order a replacement card, you will need to make sure you submit a proof of address: utility bill or rental agreement.

    You will need to contact our support center directly in order to proceed with a new card order:
    Thank you

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