HELP! No Support from Payoneer. Disappointed.

razaulkarimrazaulkarim Member Posts: 4
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Failed to getting support.

- Send Message. 10 Days have passed No Reply.
- Try to Chat with them, Chat Status Canceled Every time.
- Called them, Call options not available for this account.

Now, this is really frustrating.

I've been using my Payoneer account for last 3 years now. I made several transaction from my account (mostly from No issues whatsoever. Issues started happen when, my prepaid card was expired. Payoneer asked for my verification. However, because of COVID-19 epidemic, I didn't submitted my document until Sept 19, 2020. Now it's a been 9 days, and it's still under review section. Another thing is, when I'm going withdraw to my local bank account, I only got two options except for the USD. I don't know why.
Recently, I joined Fiverr and I had my earnings on Fiverr account, if I withdraw from there on my bank account, I can get the money on bank account? I don't what to do know.

My Customer ID: 15384763

Any kind of help is appreciated.


  • shafayshafay Member Posts: 6
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    I wish their support team was more responsive and better.
  • razaulkarimrazaulkarim Member Posts: 4
    Yeah. I don't know what's wrong them. But day by day, it's getting worst. This is very disappointing. I wish I could use some alternatives.
  • KakhramonKakhramon Member Posts: 5
    even when they respond, they do not read the questions to the end, most of the details an questions at the end of the questions are always ignored.
  • detrodetro Member Posts: 2
    Hello, I have a problem with my login. I cannot login because I have two-step verification. My old phone number has been registered and I switched to the new number. I cannot fix it in any way. Please help, this is very important to me.
  • SlowyoneerSlowyoneer Member Posts: 1

    I see that I am not the only one.
    Request created seven days ago, no answer.
    Please, thank you for responding to your partners ...

    Reference: 200923-007051
  • lecheslivelecheslive Member Posts: 2
    I also see that am not the only one, I've been trying for days to connect my payoneer account to clickbank but just couldn't access Global Payment Service
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