Global Payment Service disabled (no reason provided)

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I'm a software developer. Other than providing service through freelancing websites our team also directly deal with clients.

What happened:
** Few months ago I tried to accept eCheck payment from US customer by Payoneer. Payoneer cancelled the payment twice without proper reason after asking for some verification docs. Then suspended that service and responed like "we do not accept your business type". Maybe you don't want software developers to receive direct payment by Payoneer or maybe this is only me the unlucky guy, I don't know.
** Few days ago, again I attempted to receive direct payment by SEPA transfer from an individual client. Oops! the transfer was cancelled and Global Payment Service disabled.

Till now I don't know what did I do wrong. Does Global Payment Service really work?


  • claireboukieclaireboukie Member Posts: 8 ✭✭
    Hi. I too am not seeing Global Payment Service' under my 'Receive' menu. I hope you can get this sorted soon for myself and Slayer. My Customer ID is 39860480. Have a blessed day.
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