My Withdrawal Is Showing Completed But Not Received In My Bank, Contacted My Bank Already.

puja000puja000 Member Posts: 3
My Withdrawal Showed Completed Yesterday But I haven't received my payments in my bank account. Usually, I used to receive payments in my bank account within a few hours as soon as withdrawal gets completed. Is it usual for withdrawal getting reflected?

I contacted my bank but they said that they haven't received any payment yet from Payoneer. I have received many payments from Payoneer but this is the first time, I haven't received my payments within 24hrs after getting withdrawal completed.

Can anyone tell me if it's usual or not?


  • puja000puja000 Member Posts: 3
    P.S - Payoneer even mailed me yesterday "Payment Transferred to Your Bank Account and The funds will be deposited in your bank account today"
  • sauravchauhan190sauravchauhan190 Member Posts: 1
    My Withdrawal Showed Completed Yesterday But I haven't received my payments in my bank account. what can i do please help me i contacted bank also , i haven't received my payment in my bank account within 6 days after getting withdrawal complete
  • rajesh199119rajesh199119 Member Posts: 2
    same problem i have faced why payoneer doing this type of illegal things on customers in this pandemic situations even small amount is helpful this situation payoneer playing with customers life how can i proceed as per LAW please let me know i will ready to sue on this company
  • sreesree Member Posts: 2
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    please reply
  • sreesree Member Posts: 2
    i got money in my payoneer account since dec7th 2020 but till date amount is not transfered in my local bank.i went to my local bank with the reference number provided by you and they told me its a fake transfer number.with this transfer number as well as in no manner the amount is not credited in my local please pay my amount.transfer number given by you is 4366182710923845
  • Prashant1020Prashant1020 Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Let's tweet to the CEO inform him about the problems we are facing, he really needs to see what his company doing with the customers
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