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Is Payoneer a fraud?

emanuelastrian Member Posts: 1
edited September 2020 in Ask The Community
I understand my question is strange but I have no choice but to ask if Payoneer is a fraud.

On the 25th of August, my husband transferred money from Fiverr to my account. I thought it's like Paypal and ever since he has struggled to get the money but to no avail.

I have tried to transfer it and it just showed pending. Payoneer says we need to submit a document and in two occasions, using both phones and a scanner, I submitted my driving license and on both occasions, they requested for the same document claiming my driving license which even the partially blind can read, was not clear.

I called them on phone a few weeks back, I and my husband spoke with them and the man I spoke with assured he would process our request.

I told the agent that since I could not process the payment, Payoneer can transfer the money back to Fiverr which he agreed.

Weeks after, nothing has been done. I am not sure what this Payoneer is trying to do but it is fraudulent.

The account was opened when we were in Spain and we have since moved to the UK. I cannot change my location because it is grey, I told the same agent about my challenge, he said I should contact Payoneer which made me wonder if I wasn't talking to Payoneer.

Please, how do we get our money? What do we do? Payoneer has blocked every effort we have made.