Just registered for payoneer account

Hey all,

hope you all are doing great.

I have just registered for payoneer account but i have some questions in mind:

1. How much charges payoneer will charge on creating an account?
2. Will payoneer charge it directly from my bank (I provided the info while registering) after the confirmation of my account or when I will receive my payment from the client?
3. At the time of providing bank account information it asked me for the currency so I put PKR in it but I have to receive the amount in USD and want to save in USD instead of PKR. So when the client will transfer me USD then will I receive the amount in my bank account in PKR or in payoneer in USD?


  • ygenius123ygenius123 Member Posts: 3
    4. If i receive the amount in payoneer then how much it will charge on withdrawing it in my bank account?
  • ygenius123ygenius123 Member Posts: 3
    No one is here to help
  • GloryTGloryT Member Posts: 5
    I hate to say this but welcome to hell. At least that is what I have been experiencing.
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