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COVID-19: Money held for months, Old account not allowing withdrawal, New account blocked!

We are experiencing a real disaster!
Because of the COVID-19 hit my business, my time and circumstances didn't allow me to provide updated bills or documents as I was going to another country, the card expired and the new one we requested never reached my old address even.

The tech support advised me to open a new account, and contact them to merge both and transfer the money to the new account to withdraw to the bank.

I did everything they said, plus, I sent address proof documents for the new account.
Now my new account is blocked...

No replies to the emails I sent with attachments...

and we are really suffering and I can't pay my bills because of this too long holding of my money!

Please help!!!!


  • entrepreneur
    entrepreneur Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
    No one is available on chat, no replies from the support staff on email.. and even the automated answering machine in the UK number doesn't accept Customer ID and hangs up!
    How to reach anyone who can help in this company?