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I can't contact support on chat, phone, and email

entrepreneur Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
I tried to contact support UK support number but their phone answering machine replies always:
The information you provided does not match our records.

I put both my old Customer ID: 1689058
and New acc. Customer ID: 40002447
it doesn't accept any.

I sent the documents two days ago in an email reply to the support reply, and still NO answer.
I checked "My Requests" section in the tech support site, NO ticket recorded at all.

I am now in a tragedy, as I need this money ASAP, and I can't get hold of anyone in this company to help me withdrawing my money to the bank account.

Can anyone please help me! :s


  • Caro_Caro
    Caro_Caro Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    Hi @entrepreneur I withdrew and have not received my confirmation. The web says: "pending withdrawal". The same thing happened to you?
  • entrepreneur
    entrepreneur Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
    I need to know: How to reach out to the support staff of Payoneer, other than the chat, phone, and support request-email system?
    It's been more than 48 hours of our last request, and many days of our first request, which was the same.
  • Caro_Caro
    Caro_Caro Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

    They're not respond

  • entrepreneur
    entrepreneur Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
    My frustration comes not only from the fact that there is no answer for days, but because there is no "filing" for support requests in the "My Requests" section.
    Also there is no option to record your international call message if the system didn't accept your ID number.
    Payoneer is a big and high profile company that manages millions if not billions of dollars of people's money.
    We expect to have their technical support reps available to help us and provide support.. not to be left in the cold like this!

    Are they following what we are writing here on the forum?
  • adeone79
    adeone79 Member Posts: 8
    For the past 3 hours, I've been searching through the Payoneer website to contact the support team, but to no avail. A company such as Payoneer should be available for support 24/7. Considering the fact their customer base is all over the world.
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  • entrepreneur
    entrepreneur Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
    You can try try following.. and let us know if you could reach anyone:
    From their Facebook page:
    +1 800-251-2521
    PS: It seems that live chat is not even available if your account is blocked :/
    but even if available, you man need to wait for long.. like 30 minutes.. and might not get anyone live at the end. Almost useless IMO. But they give you the option to "leave them a message".. which is what the normal form at their support site does.
  • emrassel
    emrassel Member Posts: 2
    Payoneer don't give a shit to whatever problem you're facing. Even they know tgey should have a support team but surprisingly they don't even have one. In their official website they've provided personal number of a random girl claiming its their helpline number, now what else can you expect from such rubbish and irresponsible company?
  • emrassel
    emrassel Member Posts: 2
    I'm literally feeling Trapped because there's literally no way you can reach out to them, only if they decide to reach out to you then only its possible. How can a company operate with such degree of unethical practices!
  • entrepreneur
    entrepreneur Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
    It's not like anything else to be responsible for people's money.
    They may affect families, businesses or even lives of others who depend on their financial service for their daily livelihood means!

    I contacted them on Facebook days ago, no reply
    and I contacted an administrator of this forum "" two days ago, no reply

    and I really don't know how to get hold of anyone at Payoneer all this long period of time while we are suffering from having our money held just for updating my address to another country I recently moved to and provided all documents needed for proof of address!!

    I don't like complaining, but what else of options they left for us to go for?
  • Rajafaisalmushtaq
    Rajafaisalmushtaq Member Posts: 3
    Hey, did you get any reply as I'm stuck in same situation since 2nd October. There is no chat available and they are not replying to any query. Please let me and others know, how you have contacted them ?
  • ozankarakelle
    ozankarakelle Member Posts: 2
    I'm a new user waiting for the approval of my account to be able to use, and reading all these ⬆️ written above really makes me sad and hopeless about the service..
  • meetingingorkipark
    meetingingorkipark Member Posts: 1
    I sent my verification documents 7 business days ago. I can't contact chat, or phone. they say they can answer a phone call of ap person who has been actively receiving payments... when I submit a ticket in writing form they just send me a generic answer that usually it takes 3 days to get the documents approved...
  • femarcataio
    femarcataio Member Posts: 1
    Payoneer is so dark that is the perfect place for frauds. Somebody can cancell a payment two days after it was done, and you are not able to at least report the user that scams. Scammers feel like fish in the water.