My account is yet to be verified because I input the wrong bank account details

CarolakemiCarolakemi Member Posts: 1
I recently registered and my account is yet to be verified because I input the wrong bank account details. I got a notification asking me to verify my bank details as I realized there is an error but there is nothing on the verification page or details.

I want to correct or change the bank details and when I have reached out to you on support center I am told to add a new bank which is not possible as the account is yet to be verified same as bank details. I urgently need your assistance. Please assist as I have been reaching out to you from the day I registered this account and now I am unable to reach you via phone or any other other means.
Or should I close the account and open a new one?

Your Customer ID: 40103306
Reference Number: 201003-001779 ( attached screen shots)
This is an automated message sent from a no-reply address.

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    I am having the same problem. In my case, I am having fund in my account and with the bank under review, I can't withdraw. Some more there is no way to contact the payoneer. The facebook page advised to try chatting with or calling the support. But there is no place for that.
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