How do I contact customer support?

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Dear Support,


after several emails and several discussions in chat, my request has not yet been heard.


Now I have even two different ticket:






Please, can you check these tickets?


Can I get a quick response?


Thank you very much.






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    Hi, please note we have received your requests and handling them now, you will receive an update once the issue solved.

  • sintexsintex Member Posts: 11

    I hope in a quick reply.


    It's really important and urgent.



  • sintexsintex Member Posts: 11
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    Still no reply to my request.

    Please, can you speed up?

    It's really urgent!


    NO, this is NOT possibile, sorry but I need to this it.

    I can not wait 7 days to not even have an answer.

    Mine is an URGENT request !!

    This means that PAYONEER is not reliable to do business.

    I have come to this conclusion. I'm sorry but I think exactly like that!

    If within today my request will not be processed (are 7-day I'm waiting!!) I will have to bring back my bad experience on the web (I'm webmaster of many websites and blogs).

    I'm sorry but I'm forced to do this!
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    If you have an urgent request, you can contact our customer support department via telephone or live chat. They are available Sunday-Friday from 9AM to 6PM EST. We also have an emergency phone line for lost/stolen cards.



    Both the phone lines and live chat are available right now.

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