Payoneer India: Where is my money?

ritwikapritwikap Member Posts: 2
I have transferred quite a substantial sum of money from my freelancing account, through Payoneer into my Central Bank of India Account, 10 days back! I read on this forum that people receive payment on the same date and it was a lot of torment waiting every single day for my money to get deposited. I contacted customer support, they escalated it to bank transfer department and i was asked to wait for their email within 2-3 business days. it has been 7 days to that and I neither have my money nor any email from them. I rushed to my bank also with payment confirmation and they said they cannot do anything about it since it is Payoneer's responsibility to ensure the deposit of amount. It has been 10 days now and I am extremely anxious and agitated about my money. This was my first transaction and i have many more lined up and this sort of delay/service is seriously harmful to me and my profession. Why is no one from Payoneer addressing the issue ?? do they not care about our money??
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