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'Request a Payment' problems

open2english Member Posts: 1
Looking for advice about where I'm going wrong. I'm a new customer of Payoneer. I sent a payment request to a client based in Ukraine who immediately paid by credit card. This showed up on my Payoneer account straight away. Then Payoneer sat on the payment for a week and then abruptly rejected the payment saying requested information was not received. Neither my client nor I received any requests for information. I've messaged customer services but had no response and to be honest, trying to find how to contact Payoneer with queries is not easy. I don't want to give up yet because the alternative payment system is the very expensive PayPal and my client's bank recommended Payoneer, but I am more than a little frustrated. In addition, my client feels that she's being treated with suspicion, which is not a great way to start a business relationship.

Anyone any ideas?