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Why You Should Never Use Payoneer

There's tons of reason to dont use Payoneer. If you need money, nope you are not gonna withdraw this on your account because nobody knows. There's no customer service, I mean there's no one else to contract with you, literally there's no one else. If you send a ticket to support service, they will send you a automatic reply and they write like "Solved". This is not a joke, this is really like that. I tried to contact someone else here but no one answer. Uh, you tired ha? You tired of all this nonsense maybe you should contact with DM in social media account. Im tired of this but nope, you will never gonna reach from there too. Maybe someone answer your tweet your post but nope. Payoneer customer help Twitter account DM is closed. You cant DM them until they notice you. I am not sure why they are acting like that. Im sure someone hesitate about Payoneer. Yes, you are right. Get away from there and dont even try to do anthing. I tried and it is compliatly disaster. At least you can save your money and yourself this idiotic chain.


  • emanueluser
    emanueluser Member Posts: 2
    I am also unable to use their Mastercard. No Customer service. Automated no-reply emails. They seem to answer these boards. I believe.
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