How to cummunication using Ticket number

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Dear sir,

                i have received mail from payoneer Your ticket code is LTK1215301138671X. Please use this code in any further communication but how to use this ticket number further communication.

                     (Sorry for Bad english) 



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    I can see you have replied to the ticket with the requested information.

    Our relevante department will review it and contact you to update you on the status fo your request :thumbsu:


    Payoneer Director of Community 


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    Ticket# LTK1215303607081X and LTK1215303613115X, LTK1215303536453X. 10 days up but we dont recevied any cand help me my email.    [email protected]


    thank you

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    Hi, please note there is no need to send multiple tickets, I appreciate your patience while our support team working on your request. E-mails take several days to be reviewed, however for immediate support you can contact us via telephone or live chat.

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