Private loads do not work unpredictable

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On March 29, 2013 I received a letter saying, that 



Our records show that your Payoneer card has not been active in receiving payments from any Payoneer partner in the last few months, or using the US Payment Service. In order to continue receiving private payments to your account, and in accordance with rules and regulations imposed by our regulators and issuing bank, we are writing to encourage you to load your Payoneer card by withdrawing funds from your account with any of Payoneer’s partners, or by using the US Payment Service.


Private payments were not blocked. Nevertheless, on April 6 I have transferred some money to Payoneer card via official partner.


Despite this, private payments were blocked in May. On May 22 I received a message that my private payments are blocked. 




Our records show that your Payoneer card has not been active in receiving payments from official Payoneer partners. Please note that your Payoneer card is intended to be a payment solution for you to receive payments from companies and sites that pay with Payoneer, which is required in order for you to be eligible to use the Private Loading Service.
This message is to notify you that the Private Loading Service is currently unavailable for your card. In order to continue receiving private loads in the future you will need to resume activity in receiving payments from any of our official partners.




I wrote to support and they said me that I should use official partner once in 4 months. They didn't explain why my April payment was not counted. So, on May 28 I did new transfer from official partner. Unfortunately, this payment was not counted either, i.e. private payments are still blocked.


Note that Payoneer takes 4% from private loader and $2 from withdrawer. Also they take $1-3 for maintenance monthly. 


I don't understand how is it possible to take money and to provide such an unstable service.


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    The main use of your Payoneer account is to receive payments using our US Payment Service, or from any of our partners. For accounts that are active in receiving payments via those methods, you will have the additional option of receiving private loads (as mentioned here:

    Also, please note that the fee charged for private loads is 3.75%, and the fee deducted is viewed when the load is performed.

    To further assist you, could you please PM me your email in our system?


    Payoneer Director of Community 


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    I don't know what is "main use". You offered "private loads" yourself, I didn't ask you to offer this service. And this service works bad.


    I said that I put money via official partner and the private loads remain blocked nevertheless.

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    Where is my last message?


    I sent a mail to you. Do private payments enabled now?

    Here is the answer from Admin:


    Your account activity has not yet met the requirements for availability of the Private Loading Service. You can continue to use your account to receive payments from any of our official partners, and once you become more active you will be eligible for the Private Loading Service.


    What requirements should I met? Can you specify them explicitly without any mysteries? How can I know whether private payments are active or when they will be?


    I don't believe that there are any requirements at all. I think you just work bad.

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    The requirement would be a minimum payment amount within the last 6 months, though the exact amount may vary. It would include all US Payment Service payments or partner payments.


    It is fully automated by our system, so once you reach the limit you will be eligible to receive private loads.

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    I didn't understood.


    How to know this limit? How to calculate the limit? How to know limit was reached? How to know limit was outdated?


    It seems to me you don't understand what I am talking about. I just can't rely on something that work from time to time. 


    Suppose you have a car which is not turning on from time to time. You go to the service and they tell you something about oil, fuel and electricity levels and that they should reach some unknown limits while you should just push your car by hand and try to turn it on until it works. 


    Isn't it madhouse? Do you read me?


    I can accept any rules, prices, fees etc if they are explicit. You say I should transfer from a partner once per four months -- okay, lets do it. You say I should transfer 50% via partners -- okay let's play this.


    You can't say your mambo jambo about "main use" and just ask me to do something until you randomly decide this is enough.

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    The exact limit may vary, which is why it is not disclosed, however it is not a high limit. If you are active in getting paid from any of our partners, or the US Payment Service, within the last 6 months you will not have any issue related to the private loading service.


    If you do not have the service available, it means you have an extremely low activity from these sources and we are unable to provide you with the private loading service. Unfortunately we cannot support an account for which the main use is private loads, which is the reason why this limit was introduced.

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