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National ID Under Review

Tayyaba Member Posts: 1
I submitted my national id on 25th September and it's still under review. Can somebody from Payoneer please take a look at it and explain to me how long this usually takes? or why it hasnt been approved yet.

I am waiting on the approval so that I can withdraw my funds from Fiverr. I have tried contacting payoneer support but no response.


  • AbuObaida
    AbuObaida Member Posts: 2
    I am facing same issue and i also tried to contact payoneer but sadly their is no respones

    customer ID 39379401
  • abdullahsartwork
    abdullahsartwork Member Posts: 2
    I am having the same issue on my account with a payment that I recieved from a freelance client, Now the payment is on pending mode stuck, and all of a sudden the payoneer has put my id on verification. This is such a shitty thing I mean how irresponsible and lane can payoneer be? What the hell is wrong with my National Identity Card I dont see any sense in putting mine under a verification process though I recieved an emails months ago for verification of ID card which I sent and got a reply from them saying that congratulations your id has been verified youre ready to recieve or request payments from all over the world. I had to call them all the way because live chat is all good for no reason and never responds. Made a 43 minute call and literally at the end she tells me the lady on the call that its because they need language translators for that and what not? I mean the rest of the Pakistanis have the same thing. Mines no different! If this carries on the same way there is no point of using payoneer over the other services available and which are actually ten times faster better and convinient with proper responsible customer care representatives! Atleast who bother to respond unlike payoneer. Seriously disappointed. Well lets wait for the drama thats going on till God knows when.
  • jeremyja
    jeremyja Member Posts: 8
    I submitted National ID on Jul 1, 2019. As far as I see in verification center, it was "under review" until a few days ago when Utility bill was asked from me too. So, from my experience, it can take quite a while :(