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I cannot login, it wants my cellphone number

Good day,

I am trying to log into my account, but it requires me to have a cellphone number i no longer have.
Is it possible support can disable the cellphone feature just for me to log in, then i will specify my new phone number ?

Please assist


  • sorret
    sorret Member Posts: 3
    Hi Greetings,

    I have the same problem I cannot login because I no longer have access to the phone number I registered, how can I fix this need to use my payoneer account please help thanks
  • yankydoodle
    yankydoodle Member Posts: 2
    It seems we will have to do it the hard way as support is unwilling to help. I've never met a more frustrating company. It's ridiculous.

    Have to do a sim swap to get the old number working again and then change to a new cellphone number.

    It's honestly ridiculous.