Unusual deduction (not shown in activity/statement) in my account

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I have been a payoneer account holder since 2010. So far everything went well but this time I'm have problems since past few months.

The last problem happened after I ordered my card to deliver via DHL (because normal delivery didn't work).
My account had $97 in card balance and $61 in GBP/EUR balance.

Now I can see only $55.83 available in Card Balance. GBP/EUR balance is completely gone!
I assume $30+ was deducted for card shipping via DHL but where is my $61 GBP/EUR balance?

I mentioned this matter in my existing support ticket that is being running for my card shipping [Reference Number: 200827-002859].

Cannot open a ticket because the support page is not loading fully in my pc. I was able to download statement on month September (the deduction happened) but there's nothing on this matter.

Any support from staff would be highly appreciated.

Sorry I don't know the perfect section of this forum to post this topic.

Thank you


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    Update 18 Oct, 2020.
    I have received my card today, activated it and found that all my balance is back to my new card balance.
    Thank you guys.
    Love payoneer

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    Thank you
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