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Address verification issue: "We're sorry, something unexpected happened. General error".

vdavydov Member Posts: 2
I was requested to pass the address verification: "To keep your Payoneer card working smoothly, we need to verify the cardholder’s identity".

But when I try to upload my "Utility bill in owner's name" (PDF file) I get the following error: "We're sorry, something unexpected happened. General error".

How can I pass the address verification?


  • Neolexus
    Neolexus Member Posts: 3
    Got the same verification notification. Did you eventually manage to complete the process?
  • vdavydov
    vdavydov Member Posts: 2
    Neolexus, I eventually, after several days of waiting, found the way to contact the Payoneer Support Service directly. There is no direct link on the website. But I found it via Google search. The link is . So I sent a message, and I got an automated reply from a robot. Which simply sent some template reply chosen by keywords, and which did not answer my question. But there was an option to reply to the email in case the question is not answered. So I replied by email, described my problem, and attached my address verification file (utility bill) to the email. Then I've been getting few automatic replies for a week or so, which were saying that they did not forget about me, but there were no free operators to answer me, and thus asked me to wait more. And after approximately a week-waiting alive person replied to my email, and said that they processed my utility bill manually, and approved it.