Amazon unable to verify the credit card information

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Hello everyone how r u doing?
I subscribed recently to the Amazon seller center, I submitted all my info including those of my credit card, but Amazon sent me this Email "We were unable to verify the credit card information you provided for your seller account. Common reasons for this occurrence are as follows:

1. Invalid card number, expiration date, or cardholder name. Incorrect billing address not matching the bank’s records.
2. Your card expired.
3. Bank limits or policies that prevent the charge attempt from being accepted.
4. Card is a pre-paid credit card.
5. The card was configured as an exception to a specific marketplace but the card does not accept charges in that currency.

For billing and security purposes, all Amazon sellers must provide valid credit card information from a credit card acceptable by Amazon. Payment will be suspended until your credit card information has been updated. For instructions on how to update credit card information in your seller account, search for Credit Card Information for Your Seller Account in Seller Help.

Once your credit card information has been updated and verified, payment will be initiated on your next settlement date. Additionally, any fees owed for this settlement period will be charged to the credit card on your next settlement date"
PLZ any help.


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    Hi, same problem here , if you did find a solution let me know please