Bank account says "Action Required" but Verification Center empty and no emails

mrla94 Member Posts: 1
I successfully created an account. But it is stuck in Bank Account Action Required. There are no open requirements ( under Settings->Verification Center ) or Emails asking for further information.

I tried to raise a support ticket , but always getting an automated email.

I've seen that many people have faced this issue, even after 3-5 business days.

Like this one


  • John41005773
    John41005773 Member Posts: 2
    Me the same.. not verified, but the verification center shows 'no requirements' for almost 2 weeks now. My bank account has comment 'action required', but nothing in verif.ctr.

    Support tickets are not read by people as requests are answered automatically by keyword match.
  • pasha_golub
    pasha_golub Member Posts: 3
    Same here! >:)
    VEERAVAAGU Member Posts: 1
    hey same here i made a mistake before in my name and had to change it in the verification center after doing so my account is still saying action required when there is nothing in the verification center.its been 13 days and my account is still under review tried contacting payoneer support but still am only getting automated messages if u have any solutions please help!!!!
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