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Community Federal Savings Account

Hello, I contacted support multiple times and I only got auto-replies which were useless to me. When I tried to use the live chat, I always end up with cancelled. As such, I came here hoping to get a community federal savings bank account to link to PayPal. First-century Bank doesn't work on PayPal.
I was led to believe that the community federal savings bank will work for PayPal.

I would appreciate a response and a solution to my problem asap as I am unable to pursue any income streams without it.

Customer ID: 28896495


  • danny_007
    danny_007 Member Posts: 6
    Hello, I contacted support more than 2 times and I got their reply from auto-responder. But my problem is different and this autoresponder doesn't even understand my problem and give me another solution. it's really frustrating @Payonner.

    I need a US Community Federal Savings Account to link with my PayPal bank account to verify. So, I able to transfer funds from PayPal to my Payoneer account.

    First Century Bank information doesn't work on the PayPal Bank linking process. It gives me the error "Please check your information and try again."

    I really, really & really appreciate & thankful if anyone or Payoneer team member gives me the solution to this problem or issue me a new Community Federal Saving Bank Account.