Lack of service from Payoneer administration

EduardsEduards Member Posts: 4
Hi nice people, my client number is 40190437, I am waiting for verification since 29 of september 2020. I mailed many times, no one reply!!! Do you know why appears such disrespect? Please, sent your stories about unexceptable action and how it was solved, if was! Thank you.


  • 81897197258189719725 Member Posts: 3
    Hi Eduards, I'm facing similar problems, my client paid me last month, payment was approved within two days, but this month, i made a payment request on Oct 5th and my client paid it too, almost 9 days gone but my payment is still pending. I mailed them too many times and every time they answer via auto generated reply, called them so many times, but problem did not solved yet, there customer support service is too much pathetic.
  • EduardsEduards Member Posts: 4
    Hi, is it possible that Payoneer has financial problems, that is why not appear transactions and no clients onboarding?
  • ChincyLoodyChincyLoody Member Posts: 1
    I was facing the same issue as well. Submitted document for address verification on October 6th. Whenever I tried sending a message , auto generated reply came. Finally just now received a mail from Payoneer saying that the document I provided was not enough.
    Could anyone please tell what document to be provided for address verification?
  • EduardsEduards Member Posts: 4
    Good news my friends, I got a reply, that passport scan not good.
    It was at October 13, at 15 I resent what they want.
    Now have to wait....
    I started opening account at September 29, at Bank faster!
    I just want to say if Payoneer read my article and your comments, I hope you-Payoneer understand the problem and it would be solved in another way you will lose clients!!
  • Zanele1Zanele1 Member Posts: 1
    please help my card was blocked, i need to transfer my money on my bank account
  • EduardsEduards Member Posts: 4
    Cancel my account ( no more patients)

    Good day, my "lovely" Payoneer, since I ask you, how I can change my number to get excess to not verified account, gone 3 week's.
    Disgusting service, I ever have.
    I would like to cancel my not verified account: ID40190437, email:[email protected]
    When you will have time to do it, please email to me.
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