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Account Verification Problem

tomas58 Member Posts: 1
I have a problem verifying my account. I have been paid by my employer and I can't withdraw the cash because I haven't been verified. My problem is that I don't have the documents that they're asking me to submit. I am a fresh college graduate and I haven't applied yet for those documents such as passport, national ID and driver's license. And usually those ID's takes months before I get them. The only ID that I have right now is Postal ID. Is it valid? If not, can anyone please give a list of valid ID's for Filipino users? I am from the Philippines by the way.


  • osamah11ASD
    osamah11ASD Member Posts: 6

    Please open the attachments list to upload the documents that were not accepted, noting that I mistakenly deleted the messages sent to me
    Osamah abed
    Customer ID 39415832
    Thank you