My experience of registration and your insulting attitude

virtualboyvirtualboy Member Posts: 3
My account was closed immediately after registration
After a week, I found out by email that because I was Iranian, my account was closed only on the grounds of nationality
It took me 3 months to tell them I lived in another country and I presented my documents
They also did not accept the national card issued in Uk
And they said your account is closed
I thought I had a problem because I said from the beginning that I was Iranian
If I apply with my Uk national card from the beginning, I will not have any problems
Given that my first account was closed according to them and that anyone can have an active account I do not have a problem,
And secondly, I could get rid of these tedious emails (it takes a week for each reply)
And finally I could access live chat with my new account, they also deleted this option from my new account and I can not use live chat (I do not know why they do this)
And in my requests section, all the answers are sent automatically and the requests are closed without receiving a proper answer.
I opened the second account and it was closed and I called the customer support department
They said they closed this new account because I have another account
A funny and perhaps sad tragedy
At the moment I do not have any account in this company
There are many problems, for example
We have no access to the account verification section
Lack of quick response
They reject your documents under a strange and simple excuse,
They even want to legislate for the UK on what criteria the national identity card we provide must have for them to approve it.
I will definitely talk to the UK government to issue an ID card according to their criteria so that they do not reject my valid and official ID card.
In general, I did see all these problems in a simple registration
And I do not think there is any progress
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