Balance blocked

ahmadmukhtiarahmadmukhtiar Member Posts: 2
My account showing balance blocked. I just want to delete my account which I made years ago now i want to make new one and linked to my bank account. I just want to correct name and make on same email again.

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  • yasir_123yasir_123 Member Posts: 7
    dear i face same problems but no anyone team member sort out this problems.
    this payment platform not supportive i disagree this thats is not a good team halpers.
  • ahmadmukhtiarahmadmukhtiar Member Posts: 2
    They don't respond still now
  • daniel_crusandaniel_crusan Member Posts: 4
    The same is happening to me and when I call customer service they do not want to give me more information about what is happening with my account. They only tell me that the payment department is going to contact me and I've been waiting for more than 1 month to release my money.

    Any updates on your case @ahmadmukhtiar?
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