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Today i made a $200 (aprox.) payment and now it shows on the "Pre Authorize Transactions List" with a description "PAYPAL *ODESK CORP 40293**** CAUSA"

The problem is that, 2hs after that payment was issued, i went to the ATM to withdraw some money, i get an error saying that i should contact my financial institute, with code #08324 .. Payoneer (and the bank behind it) is my financial institution, so.. why i can't get my money??? It has something to do with the "Pre Authorize" payment ?


Please, i need help ASAP.. i need this money to live, not pleasure.


Thank you.



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    A pre-authorization charge is a pending hold on funds. It means that you tried to make a charge, Payoneer authorized it, but the merchant has not yet completed the transaction.


    You can view your updated card balance via your online account. If you try to charge more than is available on the card the transaction will be declined, as your card is prepaid. This is likely why your ATM withdrawal attempt was not approved.

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    Thanks Nissim for your promptly response, it really helps as i'm desperated. But, believe me... i have sufficient money available, i made sure i was withdrawing less than the funds available.. but the error came up in the ATM screen; i even tried from different places/atm. Are you able to check why is that? The $200+ "pre-auth charge" was already processed, i now have a $50+ in that list, and $700+ available... but i still cannot withdraw some money, even less than 50% of the available funds. This is weird and it's making me nuts. I'm starving! ;) Are you able to check this in my account?

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    I will send you a PM with details.

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