National ID card Verification

ShahabShahab Member Posts: 6
Hello Payoneer I have submitted my National ID card for verification and it's been 5 days still no response may I know how much time it will take to verify it and I can have funds in my account.
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    Hi if your account is already approved, then everything is fine. Account verification only happens with incoming payments, not before

  • ShahabShahab Member Posts: 6
    Hello Morga I did receive a payment and after that it asked me for ID verification and now 6,7 days have been passed but nothing yet
  • ShahabShahab Member Posts: 6
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  • asubhan0asubhan0 Member Posts: 8
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    today i transferred payment from fiverr to payoneer and payoneer asked to verify , i added pictures of my national id card but its still under review , i want to ask how much time will it take to clear my payment ?
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  • ShahabShahab Member Posts: 6
    I have the same problem been over 9 days now
  • asubhan0asubhan0 Member Posts: 8
    thats problem , i once did this on my other acc but it got verified idk how many days it took
  • ShahabShahab Member Posts: 6
    Idk and they are not responding either it says 3-5 business days but I has been more then that
  • asubhan0asubhan0 Member Posts: 8
    thats annoying , i need money its more than 150usd
  • ShahabShahab Member Posts: 6
    I hope it works out soon
  • asubhan0asubhan0 Member Posts: 8
    yeah me too
  • Atiqaansari123Atiqaansari123 Member Posts: 3
    @morga Kindly help me in resolving the issue related to reviewing. My payoneer account is not reviewed yet Kidly help me asap coz i want an urgent withdraw
  • engineerhabib26engineerhabib26 Member Posts: 2
    @morga, i am also facing National Id card verification issue, I have submitted documents, but its over 15 days but did not find any response yet, event i have added the bank account, its also in under review. Please help me to forward and process my query.
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