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Support is rubbish and EUR Global payment service missing

mb93 Member Posts: 2
Hello forum,

first of all, the customer support is absolute rubbish, after multiple emails i only receive automated responses to which you can't create another response, only what remains is wait for a Facebook response from their page.
This account is created under different email address so don't bother looking me up, my previous requests (for support team).

I created an account after multiple promo emails and as i saw the "good service" that you provide, but soon after i learn that there is no currency that i can use from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To be more precise i cannot use EUR currency under "Global Payment Service" and all other currencies specify that they are to be used only for transfers within the USA and GB.

I believe the same is valid for EUR currency, which probably says "to be used for transfers within EU", Bosnia and Herzegovina is not in EU, many other countries are not part of USA EU nor GB, so my question is what actually are you offering?

Do you promote stuff that you cannot offer in reality? So what is the point or i'm missing something?
The sad thing is Facebook support promotes the Payoneer as if you can easily use PayPal and Payoneer, transfer the funds to Payoneer and get the card for a low price.
In reality, you can't achieve any of that.

What the hell is going on actually with you? Is anyone able to explain? How even now i can request full GDPR data deletion request since no one is responding?

Best regards


  • efleurine
    efleurine Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Until there is some real competitor. Payoneer won't provide better support.