Certificate of incorporation for a Delaware L L C

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Hello community,

I have a problem, I try from February to make a business account on Payoneer.

On the process of formation for this account, Payoneer ask for various documents, I send all document that I have. Until now... all ok.

Seems that successfully create a Payoneer account. I test this account with an PayPal account... I send 10 euros (I live in Spain) from an PayPal account and it work, in the Payoneer account arrived 10 euros. I suppose that all is ok.

Well.... no, is not ok. Few days ago we decide to give our Payoneer account to a client to pay an invoice, this was on Tuesday, 13/10/2020. The client send the money and sed us the proof for this. Well.. until now the money don't arrived in our account.

But... Payoneer send us an email that say this...

" Thank you for providing a copy of Certificate of incorporation.

Unfortunately, the type of document you sent does not match our request.

Please resubmit your information via Verification Center.

Verification Center is Payoneer's secure and personalized document upload system.


Thank you,
The Payoneer Team

Well we resend the " CERTIFICATE OF FORMATION " for our company that is made on years 2012. Payoneer say that is not good, what's happening ?!

We don't have an " Certificate of incorporation ", we have an " CERTIFICATE OF FORMATION "

Somebody meet this problem ?!


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    well... after 5 times that we send the same " CERTIFICATE OF FORMATION " that seems that is " Certificate of incorporation "... was " Approved ".

    well... seems that 800 euros that we charge to our client... was gone... seems that we loose 800 euros for a BIG mistake that make Payoneer.

    if we loose this money... well... Payoneer sucks... and never use them... again.
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    well... the 800 euros are in "Pending" stage, this is not good for a client that have a big machine that don't work, in this manner our clients loose money, we repair defect electronics modules from big machine (forestry machine, excavators, tractors, harvesters etc.). we do not send the repaired modules until the money is not in our accounts. in this case from 15/10/2020 the money are stuck on the way... this client loose about 1500 euros on one day, the worker from this machine isn't payed... if this comportament of Payoneer is the habitual behavior on Payoneer, I'm sorry but Payoneer services can't be used by us.
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    we have a problem !!!
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    800 euro
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    here will be the rest of the story...
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    A dol named... Miky or Myki or... something... from NY... or something... promise that tomorrow... will have a solution... I don't believe that... but the voice... :)) serious... Payoneer... sucks !!! believe me
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    Dear IESN L L C,

    At Payoneer, we are constantly trying to improve our service and would like to hear your feedback on how we performed.

    The survey is short and will only take 2 minutes to complete.

    Take survey

    We appreciate your partnership and collaboration."

    are we... Crazy ?! the human specie.. are crazies ?!
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    no shame, no business, no support, no... nothing... and have our... 800 euros... $1000 on his... power... ! I'l speak more that 1 hour an 30 minute in spanish and english... for what ?!
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