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I opened my account on 21st Sep but my account hasn't been verified yet. Why is that so?

MehreenMA Member Posts: 4
I submitted required documents on the same day i signed up but they are still under review.
Customer ID: 40054322

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  • claireboukie
    claireboukie Member Posts: 8

    Hi. I'm in a similar boat. I applied since September 9th. My documents have been approved but I'm not seeing Global Payment Services. Payoneer has been said to be the premium service but after such a long time I'm having second thoughts. If someone from Payoneer sees this post please review @MehreenMA 's documents and set up Global Payment Services for me. My Customer ID is 39860480.

  • MehreenMA
    MehreenMA Member Posts: 4
    I really appreciate your support. I'm messaging the community administrators as well. I hope they will resolve my problem soon and i suggest you to do the same.
  • muaaznaeem
    muaaznaeem Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2020
    it is more than one month to apply for payoneer account and one document again they demanded that i provided. but still my account is not approved .and two of my payments are pending on payoneer which are on upcoming tab . it is too much which i waited for that. i contacted customer support many times but still it is not fixed.please help me out for my issue it was my first earning which i received on payoneer
    My customer id =39885639