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On the Internet can find a variety of wild cards that may have to raise the money that was previously in the bitcoin currency. For now the only card  that is safe and it is possible Withdrawing Funds from the Neteller.

So I thought you hereby propose that with some of the global stable exchange office in order to make cooperation and Payoneer entered this market.


All BitCoin valid Market Exchanges


Thank you

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    Payoneer does not currently support any service related to the receiving or sending of Bitcoins. We do not have any current plans to add this service, however will of course consider it for the future.

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    Bitcoin is too new and unstable. I think it would be wise to wait until it is proven to have some purchasing power in the real world rather then just being a leet geek toy. I wouldn't hold my breath though. It is not an equitable currency - just have a look at any mining pool at their top miners. These people (somehow) have managed to 'take over' the mining industry. With so many bitcoins concentrated with them I can't see it being viable any time soon if ever.

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    Any updates about receiving/sending bitcoin?
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    :'( I understand Payoneer's policy. But can you make a platform for negotiations between users of the service to exchange, as well as Paxful, as well as Local Bitcoins? Or can not give this resource to users? Need an upgrade?
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    thanks for sharing