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Global payment service questionnaire Under review since 12 Oct 2020

Abhay Member Posts: 4 ✭
Hi Payoneer team 👋
I've submitted my PAN photo and Global payment service questionnaire
Which was Under review since 12 Oct 2020
Please tell me when it will be reviewed.
It's taking toooo long
My customer ID is 40272391


  • mdaftabalam01993
    mdaftabalam01993 Member Posts: 5 ✭
    I am facing same issue....
  • mdaftabalam01993
    mdaftabalam01993 Member Posts: 5 ✭
    Do you have Customer care numbers
  • davina
    davina Member Posts: 3 ✭
    This is the customer care email [email protected] Goodluck
  • jmdarts007
    jmdarts007 Member Posts: 5 ✭

    facing same issue

  • karthikx2
    karthikx2 Member Posts: 2 ✭
    Am also facing the same issue. Will this cause any issue while receiving payment?
  • anvision
    anvision Member Posts: 5 ✭
    From reddit post. If it's Global Payment Service questionnaire, they don't review it, unless you start receiving payments and then they are reviewed.

    I'm not sure why customer service doesn't answer these questions or fix this issue.
  • Hannah_Payoneer
    Hannah_Payoneer Confirm Email, Member Posts: 449 ✭✭✭

    Thanks, @anvision you are correct - until you receive a certain threshold of amount of payments or certain size payment (whichever comes first) that is when it is reviewed.

  • headgrumble
    headgrumble Member Posts: 2 ✭
    Hello! I was wondering if I will be able to receive payments from the company I work for if my questionnaire is under review? Or if I have to answer questions again? I'm worried that if they send the funds I won't receive them, can that happen?