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Hi this is Mst. Parul Khatun,
I am from Kushtia, Bangladesh, My account was hacked in 2019, After hacking the account I have complained to the account specialist department they wanted some documents like Government-issued ID cad Holding photo, Customer ID Number, Date of Birth with Line of Business, etc.

I have provided on 04 August 2020, and they have replied to me after 1 month later your ID card has been approved but now investigating to the security department.

I call back again after 1.5 Months later they said again please send us about your line of business and I sent again. I was waiting and waiting..... today I called to the Payoneer again they informing your account has been Block permanently and your funds are Frozen! How funny!

Did I say why? they replying to me "you violented the terms and condition" but I informed this account was hacked!
Please help me with the issue, I did not violented anything that the account was hacked and hackers may be doing this. now I am very very disappointed. My Ref: #200728-030130

Mst. Parul Khatun


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    We are sorry to hear that! For security reasons, there are things we cannot disclose here in the forum. It is best to call the team to get more information

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    I am in also hacking problem, can't access my account, hacker changed my account contact number and personal details, so i can't sign in my account. when i try to reset my email address, my information don't match, so its can't possible.

    I think, i need to contact with costumer care via direct call, can anybody help me to provide the contact number and schedule of call time from Bangladesh please...
    Iskender Merza