Why was my passport not approved??


I initially opened a payoneer account in my home country which is in the EU. I have since moved abroad, to a country outside the EU. Payoneer told me to close my original account and open a new one. This process took around a month, during which I unfortunately found payoneer customer service extremely inefficient. I have now finally opened my new account, but the passport I uploaded was not approved. I received no explanation why, not even a notification e-mail that the passport was not approved . I have no idea what I did wrong and payoneer is completely unresponsive. Live chat (which had a waiting time of up to 2 hours) seems no longer available, any email requests I send are marked as 'resolved' while all I got was an automated reply that didn't answer the question, and if I try calling I am kept on hold for up to an hour which costs a LOT of money. Please answer me here and let me know what the problem is.