Is there any way to contact a real human being from Payoneer support?

hossainsanyhossainsany Member Posts: 1
Hi, I've been trying to reach the customer support for more than a month now. Whenever I try to contact customer service there's a bot automatically closing my inquiries. If I open a ticket from help center, it automatically closes my ticket with "Your inquiry was addressed by an automatic email" message. When I call the customer care number, a bot always tells me that the phone support is not available for my account. When I try to use live chat, I get a message saying "Status: Canceled Your chat request has been canceled. Please visit our Support Center to contact us." as soon as I request for a live chat. Is there any way to talk to real people?


  • juliepraisejuliepraise Member Posts: 3
    Payoneer is becoming a scam,they dont reply messages no one to contact
    I failed to receive my card,and withdrawing too.
    My money has been in account for 7months but am like loosing hope of getting it
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